Set Up Mobile App Integration



Use this procedure to set up integration between Sage 100 and the Scanco Mobility mobile application, available for Android and Apple mobile devices.

Before you begin

Log onto the server where Sage 100 is installed. Do not attempt this procedure while connected to the server through a workstation.

To set up the integration

  1. Select Mobility for Bar Code Setup menu > Mobility Remote Setup.

  2. Enter the company code and warehouse code to use as the default selections in the mobile app. For more information, see Mobility Remote Setup - Fields.
  3. In the ConnectIT Port Number field, enter the port number to use for the mobile app and the ConnectIt service to communicate with your Sage 100 database. The default port number is 50000, which is recommended for easy setup, but you can change it.
  4. Enter a Sage 100 user logon and password.

    This user account must has access to the following modules:

    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Common Information
    • Inventory Management
    • Purchase Order
    • Sales Order

    Use a logon that will not be used by any other users; it should be used exclusively by the program to synchronize data between Sage 100 and the Scanco Mobility app.

  5. Click Proceed.
  6. When the message asks if you've entered the correct login name and password, click Yes to confirm.

    The Sage ODBC 64-bit InstallShield Wizard starts. The wizard will install the ODBC 64-bit driver required for communication between the Scanco ConnectIt service and your Sage 100 database.

  7. Proceed through the Sage ODBC 64-bit InstallShield Wizard to install the driver. When the message confirms that the setup is complete, click OK.

    The Scanco ConnectIt Wizard starts.

  8. Proceed through the Scanco ConnectIt Wizard.
  9. On the Select Active page, select which companies that will collect data through the mobile app.
  10. On the Instructions page, follow the instructions for installing the mobile app.
  11. After your mobile devices are connected, click Finish.