Perform Settlement in the Sage Payment Center or Virtual Terminal

All credit card transactions must be settled at the end of each business day. The settlement process transfers money from the customers’ accounts to your business account. You can log on to the Sage Payment Center or the Virtual Terminal to manually settle transactions, or contact Paya (formerly Sage Payment Solutions) Customer Support and ask to have your account set up for automatic settlement.

For more information, refer to the help for the application that you are using to perform the settlement.

Warning If a pre-authorization is entered for a transaction in Sales Order Entry, do not post-authorize the transaction using the Sage Payment Center or Virtual Terminal. Doing so could result in a double-posting to the customer's credit card. If you inadvertently settle a transaction with a preauthorization in the Sage Payment Center or Virtual Terminal, you can prevent the double posting by entering the transaction amount as a deposit in Sales Order Entry before the transaction is updated. For more information, see Credit Card Processing FAQs.