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Use Role Maintenance to define and maintain functional roles. Roles reflect functions within an organization, such as AP Clerk, AR Clerk, and Warehouse Staff. Permissions for all security events (such as one-sided journal entries) can also be assigned to roles.

When defining roles, access to modules, tasks, data tables, and fields can be allowed or restricted. For some modules, security can be further refined by assigning Create, Modify, Remove, or View permissions to maintenance tasks, or by setting Update or Print Only permissions to update tasks. Additionally, some module options, such as allowing batches to be merged, can be allowed or restricted. When assigning security for the SData Provider, some data tables can be assigned Create, Read, Update, and Delete permissions.

Note Subsidiary windows within a task inherit the permissions assigned to the primary task window.

Before defining roles, make sure you understand the concepts in Security FAQs.






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Note This tab is not available for Sage 100 Premium.

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