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Select Payroll Main menu > Employee Maintenance. Click the Arrow button in the top-right corner of the window and then select Direct Deposit.

This task is available only if the Require Direct Deposit check box is selected in Payroll Options, and the Direct Deposit check box is selected on the Employee Maintenance Main tab.


Use the Employee Direct Deposit window to enter your employees' bank account information for direct deposit transactions. You can enter multiple bank accounts and distribute payments as a fixed amount, a percentage of net pay, or a percentage of gross pay.

Sage 100 offers two methods for paying employees using direct deposit. You can generate a direct deposit ACH file and send it to your bank, or you can use the Sage 100 direct deposit service. When using this service, you don't need to create an ACH file or send anything directly to your bank. Instead, after processing payroll, you synchronize your payroll data with the service, and the rest is handled for you. For more information, see the following articles:

Setting up a direct deposit program requires some lead time to get requirements from your bank, obtain bank account information from your employees, and get prenotes approved. Be sure to include this lead time in your company's direct deposit implementation plan.

You can define Paperless Office options for direct deposit stubs, including whether to e-mail stubs in PDF format to the employee, the employee e-mail address for e-mailing stubs, and the password to open them. For more information, see Set Up Paperless Office.

Warning To deposit funds to two account types (for example, savings and checking) that use the same bank account number, you must create only one bank account entry with the combined percentage or amount. It is up to the employee to make arrangements for the bank to split the funds on receipt. Failure to adhere to this procedure can result in incorrect postings to the employee's bank account.



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