Sales History / Receipt History - Fields


Sales History / Receipt History

Item Code / Customer No. / Vendor No.

Enter an item code, customer number, vendor number, or click the Lookup button to list all item codes, customer numbers, or vendor numbers. Click the Item Customer or Item Vendor Lookup button to view items sold or purchased for the selected customer or vendor. Click the Item Inquiry button to view information for the selected item.

Click the Alias button to select the customer or vendor alias item. Click the Pricing button to view the customer or vendor price level for the item selected. These options are available only in the Customer Maintenance and Vendor Maintenance windows.


Description / Name

This field displays the item description, customer name, or vendor name, and can only be viewed.


Ship To

Enter the ship-to code, or click the Lookup button to list all ship-to codes. Click the Switch View button to view detail information for all ship-to addresses. This field is available only for Customer Sales History.



Select the year to use to view detailed sales or receipt history information. This field defaults to the current year.


History Grid

Use this grid to view transaction detail information for sales or receipts.

Click the Switch View button to view additional history information. Click the Transaction History button to view detail transaction history.