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Set Up Inventory Management For a New Company

Recalculate Item Balance and History

Print a Report, Listing, or Form

Set Up Posting by Warehouse in Inventory Management


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Select Inventory Management Setup menu > Inventory Management Options.


Inventory Management Options presents a series of options that allow you to maintain features most appropriate for your business. Some of these options are defined during new company setup using the Inventory Management Setup Wizard, but can be further maintained in this window.



1. Main


Require Multiple Warehouses


Reorder by Warehouse

Base Inventory Periods On

Default Warehouse Code

Current Calendar/Fiscal Year

G/L Segment for Whse Postings

Current Period

Track Warehouse Transfers as Issues

Enable Warranty Tracking

Calculate Commission by Inventory Item

(Integrate with) General Ledger

Include in Quantity Available

(Integrate with) Job Cost



2. Additional


Category (1-4) Description

Item Changes to Track

Track Additions in Detail




3. Entry



Next Automatic Transfer Entry Number


Next Automatic Adjustment Entry Number

Next Batch

Next Automatic Receipt Entry Number

Next Automatic Sales Entry Number

Next Automatic Count Card Number

Next Automatic Issue Entry Number

Default Unit of Measure for Quantity



3. Printing


Print Receipt Labels