Create a Custom Theme for a Company


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Use this procedure to create a custom theme for a company. You can select a font, window color, and other options. You can use a different theme for each company to make it easy to distinguish which company you're signed into.

To create a custom theme

  1. Select Library Master Main menu > Theme Maintenance.  

  2. Enter a code for the new theme. For more information, see Theme Maintenance - Fields.

  3. If you want to use an existing theme as a starting point, click Copy From and select an existing theme.
  4. If you want to use this theme for all companies that don't already have one specified, click the Default check box.
  5. Select the remaining options.
  6. Click Preview to see what a task window looks like with the theme applied.
  7. Click Accept.

The custom theme has been created. See below for steps on applying the theme to a company.


To apply the theme to a company

  1. Select Library Master Main menu > Company Maintenance.

  2. Select a company. For more information, see Company Maintenance - Fields.
  3. On the Theme tab, enter your new theme code in the Theme Code field.
  4. Click Accept.

The theme will now be used for the company.