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Select Accounts Receivable Reports menu > Customer Sales History by Period.


Use Customer Sales History by Period to print customer sales history information by period for a specified fiscal year. You can sort the report by customer number, total dollars sold, total gross profit amount, and total gross profit percent. A total column, which reflects the total of all periods, prints after the last period for each item selected to print.

A total for each division along with a report total prints except when sorting by total dollars sold, total gross profit amount, and total gross profit percent.

You can enter a selection of customer numbers, total dollars sold, total gross profit amounts, and total gross profit percentages to print.

Note If the Enable Bill To Customer Reporting check box is selected and Bill To and Sold To Customers is selected in the Track Customer Sales History in Accounts Receivable By field in Accounts Receivable Options, a message appears stating that the sales information will be overstated when printing the report for both the bill-to and sold-to customers.



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