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Select Accounts Receivable Setup menu > Bill To Customer Maintenance.

This task is available only if the Enable Bill To Customer Reporting check box is selected in Accounts Receivable Options.


Use Bill To Customer Maintenance to set up relationships between a bill-to customer and its sold-to customers. An unlimited number of sold-to customers can be linked to a single bill-to customer; however, a sold-to customer can be linked only to one bill-to customer. Any customer that has been created and saved in the company can be set up as a bill-to customer or sold-to customer.

This task can also be used to determine whether credit limit checking should be based on the bill-to customer or the sold-to customer. This can be done on a sold-to customer line basis. You can view the bill-to customer’s credit limit. To use the credit limit checking features, select Customer's Credit Limit Only or Both in the Credit Limit Checking field in Accounts Receivable Options. Additionally, the credit hold, terms code, default address for billing, and customer pricing can be set to default to the bill-to or sold-to customer.

Click Defaults to select default values for this task.

Note If you are using salesperson commission reporting and the bill-to customer is set up in a different division than the sold-to customer, you should set up your salesperson in both divisions. The salesperson can then be used when adjusting an invoice for the bill-to customer.

Note If one or more credit limit options have been changed for the sold-to customer, a message will appear warning you to use the Recalculate Open Order Amounts utility to recalculate the customer's open order amounts that are used for credit limit checking.



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