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Expand/Collapse item What is an associated PDF?

An associated PDF is a PDF document that is already created, which you can link to a journal or register PDF you are creating. If you select the Prompt for Associated PDF During Journal/Register Printing check box in the Journal and Register Maintenance window, you can select an associated PDF each time the journal or register is printed to PDF.

The associated PDF can be any PDF document. For example, you can link an Accounts Receivable invoice PDF as the associated PDF for a journal. This can be useful as an audit trail for a particular invoice. If you wanted the invoice to be linked to a journal such as the Sales Journal, you would set up the Sales Journal in Form Maintenance to prompt for an associated PDF. When the Sales Journal is printed to PDF, the clerk would be prompted to select the associated PDF (in this case, the invoice). Then, when you view the Sales Journal PDF in the Journal and Register Viewer, you can also view the invoice.

Only one associated PDF can be selected for a journal or register.

For more information, see:

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Expand/Collapse item Why are the merge fields inserted in my test e-mail or fax not resolving to any values?

Merge fields are not resolved in test e-mails and test faxes. They are resolved only when the actual e-mails or faxes are sent. For more information, see Default Messages in Paperless Office.


Expand/Collapse item My report is not printing to PDF using the options I set up for the report. Why?

You can set up multiple settings for a single report, by making different selections in the Company, Module, and Document fields in the maintenance task. At runtime, the setting that is used is based on a hierarchy, where the most specifically defined settings override more general settings for multiple documents. For more information, see PDF and Electronic Delivery Option Hierarchy.


Expand/Collapse item When I fax multiple documents, each PDF is launched in Adobe Reader, and I must close each Adobe Reader window after faxing is completed. How can I stop this from happening?

The functionality of opening PDF windows and then leaving them open is a feature of Adobe Reader, the PDF reader software that is installed with your system. If you want PDF windows to open and then close automatically during faxing, you can install another PDF reader such as Foxit Reader.


Expand/Collapse item How is the process of saving period-end reports as PDFs different from saving other reports as PDFs?

Period-end reports can be set up by company and module in the Period End Report Maintenance window. The settings that you select are the same for all period-end reports within a given module, and are not set up individually as with other reports.

In the Period End Report Maintenance window, you can also set up period-end reports to be automatically printed as PDFs when you perform period-end processing. You can also select to be prompted to print them as PDFs.

If you set up period-end reports to be password-protected, the same password is used for all period-end reports in the module. You are prompted to enter only one password for all PDFs created during period-end processing.

For more information, see:

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