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Select Library Master Setup menu > Report Manager. In the Report Manager window, select the form for which to set up fax options and click the Maintain button. In the Maintain window, click the Maintain Fax Options button.

Note If form codes have not been added to the Maintain window, the Add New Format window appears when you click the Maintain button in the Report Manager window.

Note This task is available only for some modules. Set up fax options for forms in other modules using Fax Form Definition.


Use Batch Fax Options to set up fax options for fax-enabled Crystal forms (for example, fax forms created for invoices and orders).

Note This task is available only if Microsoft Fax Services or WinFax is installed on the workstation and batch faxing is available for the form selected.

Fax-enabled forms can be faxed by batch if the Enable Batch Faxing check box is selected and a Microsoft Fax Services or WinFax printer is selected in the Fax Printer field. To fax a single form (no batch faxing), click Quick Print in the form's data entry option and select the Microsoft Fax Services or WinFax printer.

Note Only WinFax is supported for batch faxing, and Microsoft Fax Services is supported for Paperless Office.

Note Additional hard drive space may be required, depending on the number of batch faxes sent.



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