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Select Library Master Setup menu > Report Manager.


Use Report Manager to manage all forms and reports. Select a form or report to customize using the SAP Crystal Reports Designer.

The Report Manager window lists all modules that have forms or reports in a tree view. Expand the module to select the available forms, reports, and custom reports. All forms, reports, and custom reports are listed in alphabetical order.

You can also add and delete custom reports. When you click Add Report to Menu, the Menu Wizard opens and guides you through the process.

Note If you select Payroll from the Module list, the wizard includes the option to include a PII worktable. This worktable allows you to include personally identifiable information (PII) for employees, such as names and social security numbers, in the report. If you include the worktable, it will be populated with unencrypted, masked data when the report is run from the Payroll Custom Reports menu.

If you include the PII worktable, you must link the work table to the existing report tables and insert the PII data into the report.

Anyone who has rights to run the report will see the PII data. As with the standard reports, the ability to view Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, and bank routing numbers is based on the "Allow Viewing, Printing and Editing of Personally Identifiable Information" security event in Role Maintenance.

Note Form codes and report settings must be created in the form or report window. For more information, see Create a New Form on the Fly.



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