Export Form Codes and Report Settings


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Use this procedure to export customized Crystal .RPT files to use outside of the software.

Note This procedure applies only to some modules.


To export a form code or report setting

  1. Select Library Master Setup menu > Report Manager.

  2. Select a form or report task and click the Maintain button.

Note If form codes or report settings have not been added to the Maintain window, the Add New Format window appears when you click the Maintain button in the Report Manager window.

  1. In the Maintain window, select the form code or report setting to export and click the Export button. For more information, see Maintain – Fields.

  2. In the Export window, in the Path field, enter the path to which to copy the .RPT files and click Proceed. For more information, see Export – Fields.

The .RPT files are copied to the location entered at the Path field.