Add Custom Reports to Report Manager


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Use this procedure to add a custom report to Report Manager.

Note Customized reports created in a previous version of the software may need to be added using this procedure.

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  • For reports created using the SAP Crystal Reports Designer to be accessible to other users from the Custom Reports menus, the reports must be added using Report Manager.

  • The file name of the .rpt file must contain the word "custom" (for example, AR_custom.rpt or ARcustom.rpt).


To add a custom report to Report Manager

  1. Select Library Master Setup menu > Report Manager.

  2. Click Add Report to Menu. For more information, see Report Manager - Fields.

  3. The Menu Wizard window appears. Follow the instructions on the Wizard to add the report.

The report appears in the Custom Reports menu for the module selected in the Report Manager window.