Add 1099 Payments to Vendor History


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During system startup, you can enter applicable history information in 1099 Payment History for each vendor, so you can obtain accurate 1099 payment history reports. If history information is not entered, the vendor's 1099 payment history reflects only the activities that occurred when Business or Individual was selected in the 1099 Vendor Type field in the Vendor Maintenance window. If payments were made to the vendor before Business or Individual was selected in the 1099 Vendor Type field, you must enter the vendor's year-to-date 1099 payments in 1099 Payment History.

Use this procedure to enter 1099 payments that are not recorded for the vendor.

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You must have the appropriate security set up to maintain 1099 history.


To add 1099 payments to vendor history

  1. Select Account Payable Main menu > Vendor Maintenance.

  2. In the Vendor No. field, enter the vendor number for the 1099 information to enter. For more information, see Vendor Maintenance / Vendor Inquiry - Fields.

  3. Click the Additional tab.

  4. In the Vendor Type field, select Business or Individual, and click 1099 History.

  5. In the 1099 Payment History window, in the 1099 Form Type field, select the type of payment. For more information, see 1099 Payment History - Fields.

  6. In the Calendar Year field, enter the year for the 1099 information to enter.

  7. In the Year to Date fields, enter the appropriate payment amount for each 1099 box, and click OK.

The 1099 payments are added to vendor history.