Fix Vendor Purchase and Payment History


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If the vendor’s purchase and payment history data is inaccurate, you can manually correct the information. Inaccurate purchase and payment information can occur if the number of accounting periods to use is changed in General Ledger Fiscal Year Maintenance after history information is already recorded for the unused periods.

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You must have the appropriate security set up to fix history information.


To fix vendor purchase and payment history

  1. Select Accounts Payable Main menu > Vendor Maintenance.

  2. Enter the vendor number and then click the History tab. For more information, see Vendor Maintenance / Vendor Inquiry - Fields.

  3. In the Fiscal Year field, select the fiscal year of the history information to fix.

  4. Click the Fix button.

  5. Enter the correct amounts in the Purchases, Payments, Discounts Taken, and Discounts Lost fields.

Note If there are amounts for unused periods, move or add the amounts to one of the valid periods.

  1. Click Accept.

The purchase and payment history information is corrected.