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Set Up Accounts Payable for a New Company

Set Up 1099 Boxes Based On an Existing Year

Integrate the Accounts Payable Module with Job Cost

Set Up Expense Distribution Tables


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A/P Division Maintenance





Select Accounts Payable Setup menu > Accounts Payable Options.

For new companies, you can only access Accounts Payable Options after completing the Accounts Payable Setup Wizard.


Accounts Payable Options presents a series of options allowing you to maintain features most appropriate for your business. Some of these options are defined during new company setup using the Accounts Payable Setup Wizard, but can be further maintained in this window.



1. Main


Accounts Payable Divisions

Current Period

Aging Categories to Use for Invoices

1099 Reporting

Aging Categories

Default 1099 Calendar Year

Default Invoice Display

(Integrate with) General Ledger

Display Invoices with Zero Balance

(Integrate with) Bank Reconciliation

Display Cleared Checks in Vendor Maintenance

(Integrate with) Job Cost

Sales Tax Reporting

Enable Wire Transfers

Current Fiscal Year




2. Additional


Invoice Register in Detail

Manual Check/Payment Register in Detail

Check and Electronic Payment Register in Detail

Invoice Comments

Manual Check/Payment Comments

Check/Electronic Payment Comments

Days to Retain Paid Invoices

Account for Discounts Earned or Lost

Apply Changes to Remit to Address




3. Entry



Allow Total Distribution to be Less Than 100 Percent


Default Bank Code

Next Batch

Default Bank Code to Last Bank Code Used

Calculate Sales Tax in A/P Data Entry

Increment Next Check No. When Changed During Printing

Expense Freight Separately

Display Warning When Past Discount Due Date

Enable Expense Distribution Tables




4. Printing


Sort Invoice Registers by Vendor Name

Print Tax Detail on Registers

Print G/L Distribution on Check/Electronic Payment Register

Always Print Extended Stub Report

Print G/L Account Description on Registers

Print Aged Invoice Report for Multiple Companies

Print Tax Journal in Detail




5. History


Vendor Changes to Track

Years to Retain Vendor History

Track Additions in Detail

Include Sales Tax and Freight

Track Detailed Invoice/Payment History

Years to Retain 1099 Payment History

Retain Comment Lines for Invoices




6. ACH


Enable ACH Electronic Payments

Allow Partial Allocation of Payment Amount

Post to Bank Reconciliation in Detail

Reset Pre-Note When Renumbering the Vendor

Print Vendor Remittance Advice

Years to Retain Electronic Payment History

Next Vendor Remittance Advice Number

ACH Electronic Payments Folder