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Select Accounts Payable Utilities menu > Delete and Change Vendors.


Use Delete and Change Vendors to delete or change existing vendor numbers.

If multiple delete and change requests are entered before clicking Proceed, each request is processed one at a time. The delete requests are processed first, followed by the change requests. If the same vendor number is entered on both the Delete tab and the Change tab, the change request for that vendor will not be processed because the record will have already been deleted.

If the same vendor number is entered twice on the Change tab (either individually or as part of a range), the second change request will not happen because the first one will have already changed the vendor number.

Even if you need to make multiple changes, it may be easier to make them one at a time.

If there are any actions that cannot be completed, they are listed in the first section of the Delete and Change Vendor Listing. The second section contains a list of vendors that will be deleted, followed by a list of changes that will occur.

You must print the Delete and Change Vendor Listing before you can delete or change any records. You're asked to print the listing when you click Proceed, and you can also print it by clicking the Print button.

Note If you change the vendor number for an electronic payment vendor and the Reset Pre-Note When Renumbering the Vendor check box is selected in Accounts Payable Options, the Pre-Note Sent field will be set to No for the vendor's bank accounts in the Vendor Electronic Payment window.

Note An active vendor cannot be merged into an inactive vendor.  



1. Delete


Starting Vendor No.

All Files

Ending Vendor No.




2. Change


Starting Vendor No.

New Vendor No.

Ending Vendor No.