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Select the module's Main menu > Daily Transaction Register.


The Daily Transaction Register is an audit report detailing all postings to the general ledger from all other modules.

If accessed from the General Ledger module, the Daily Transaction Register prints transactions associated with all modules. If accessed from a module other than General Ledger, the Daily Transaction Register prints only transactions associated with that module; therefore, only transactions for that module are available for updating.

Each transaction is listed by general ledger account number and description, along with the appropriate debit and credit amounts. Transactions displayed on this report are printed by posting date, source journal, and journal/register number. Account descriptions and posting comments, along with the appropriate debit and credit amounts, are displayed for each transaction. Totals are provided by source and date.

Printing the register does not automatically update to the general ledger. After you print the register, you are prompted to update the Daily Transaction Register, which will clear the file and update the information to the general ledger.

In Paperless Office Journal and Register Maintenance, you can set up unique PDF options for this journal for each module, or set up the same PDF options for all modules.

Review the Daily Transaction Register for accuracy before updating.

Note In various modules, processing transactions involves a series of journal and register updates that concludes with the Daily Transaction Register. Depending on your role security, you may receive a message asking if you want to print and update the Daily Transaction Register. In Role Maintenance, if the Allow Automatic Update of the Daily Transaction Register security event check box is selected, you will not receive a prompt to print and update the register. The register will be printed and updated automatically. The security event is set by module.