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For each lookup by company and by user, you can create up to 99 unique views. When creating a lookup view, you can define your default view, add, remove, or modify fields in the lookup, add or remove filters, as well as define several other settings. After creating a lookup view, you can modify or delete the view at any time. Keep in mind that any search criteria or filters you previously defined will not apply to the new lookup view you create.

Note If another user is using the User Lookup Wizard and is creating or modifying a lookup code while you attempt to create or modify a lookup view, a warning message appears and prevents you both from continuing.


To create a lookup view

  1. In the lookup window, click Custom. For more information, see Lookup Feature.

    The Custom button is not available if the Locked Customization check box is selected in the User Lookup Wizard.

  2. On the Lookup Customization Wizard page, in the View field, select Create new view and enter a description for the new view. Or, select an existing view to modify.

  3. To set the lookup view as the default view, select the Default View check box. Click Next.

  4. In the second Lookup Customization Wizard page, add, remove, modify, or reorganize the fields for the lookup view in the Selected Columns list box.

    Note The first column indicated by an asterisk (*) in the Selected Columns list box cannot be removed; however, it can be modified. For instructions, see Modify a Lookup Field.

Note Linked files from modules that are not activated appear in the Available Fields field.

  1. Click Next to define additional settings, or click Finish if you are finished customizing the view.

  2. Use the third Lookup Customization Wizard page to add, delete, or modify filters. To continue defining additional settings, click Next; otherwise, click Finish.

    Note For instructions on how to create filters, see Filter the Lookup Criteria.

  3. In the final Lookup Customization Wizard page, make any final changes to the lookup view.

  4. Select the Initial Display check box to load data in the lookup window when you click the Lookup button. Clear this check box if you do not want records to automatically appear in the lookup window. This option may be useful if you have a large number of records and want to perform a search before data is loaded.  

  5. In the Title field, type a new title that will display in the lookup window title bar.

  6. In the Default Search Column field, select a default field to appear in the Search field in the lookup window.

  7. In the Default Search Option field, select a default option to appear in the Operand field in the lookup window.

  1. Click Finish to see your newly created lookup view.

Note Fields used to customize the lookup have a one-to-one relationship. For example, data in the lookup will not appear for the Tax Exemption Number if a customer number has multiple tax exemption numbers.

For information about creating numeric lookup fields, see Create a Numeric Lookup Field.