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Select Library Master Setup menu > Sales Tax Schedule Maintenance.


Use Sales Tax Schedule Maintenance to group tax codes for assignment to customers, and establish whether tax detail will print on sales orders and invoices.

Note The schedules set up using this task are not company specific and are available to all companies.

The sequence in which the tax codes are entered is very important because of "tax on tax" calculations and the establishment of the primary tax code. The first tax code entered is used as the primary tax code, and is used during the calculation of taxable and nontaxable amounts on each invoice and printing and updating of sales tax history.

You can assign sales tax schedules to ZIP Codes by creating a ZIP Code Cross Reference table. When a ZIP Code is entered, the assigned tax schedule is used. If a ZIP Code is assigned to multiple tax schedules, you can select which schedule to use.

If the eBusiness Manager module is installed, for .store customers you can also assign sales tax schedules to a state by creating a State Cross Reference table.

During System Setup, a nontaxable tax schedule is defined automatically; this schedule cannot be modified or deleted.



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