Company Maintenance


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Select a Background Color for a Company

Set Up Credit Card and ACH Payment Processing

Set the Accounting Date from the System Date

Send a Test E-mail from Company Maintenance

Set a Prompt for the Accounting Date

Print a Report, Listing, or Form

Set Up Paperless Office

Test the PDF Converter

Convert a Vault-Only Account to a Credit Card Processing Account




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Test E-mail

Test Fax

Error During Electronic Delivery

Role Maintenance





Select Library Master Main menu > Company Maintenance.


Use Company Maintenance to create companies, set company-wide preferences, and define settings for credit card processing, e-mailing, and faxing. Each company is identified using a three-character company code. You can also use this task to activate modules and convert company data to the current level after performing an upgrade.



Company Code

Company Name

Use as Default Company for Server Settings




1. Main




Data Level



2. Preferences


Print User Logon on Reports

Use Workstation Default Printer for STANDARD Report Setting

Use Workstation Default Printer for STANDARD Form Code

Allow External Access

Return City Names in All Caps

Data Location

Payroll Data Location

Display Inactive Customers in ALE Lookups

Display Inactive Vendors in ALE Lookups

Display Inactive/Restricted Warehouses in ALE Lookups

Prompt for Accounting Date

Auto Set Accounting Date from System Date

Restrict Accounting Date to Current and One Future Period

Enable Web Services



3. Payment


Enable Payments


Default Transactions to Process in Batch

Activate Debugging Log

Activate Debugging Display

Vault-Only ID / Virtual Terminal ID

Vault-Only Key / Merchant Key



4. E-mail



Confirm Password

Use 128-bit Encryption for Password Protected Documents



5. Fax


Default Fax Printer

Fax Cover Page



6. Theme


Theme Code

Enable Company Specific Background Color