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Select Paperless Office Setup menu > Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance.

This window is available only if one or more check boxes are selected in the Enable Electronic Delivery and PDF Storage section in the Paperless Office Options window.


Use Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance to create default messages to use when emailing or faxing documents in PDF format. You can create generic messages to use for a document type, company, or module, or create specific messages for individual documents.

You can insert merge fields in a message that represent values such as the customer name, document, and document date. The merge fields are automatically converted to the corresponding value when the email or fax is sent.

When you send a document by email, the document is automatically attached to the email message as a PDF file.

Multiple messages can be defined for a single document, allowing you to define a generic message for a group of documents, and a specific message for one document in that group. For example, one generic message can be defined for all documents, and another message can be defined just for Accounts Receivable invoices. When multiple messages exist for a document, the message used is based on a hierarchy.

You can use the default messages that are predefined in the system, or create new ones.



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