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Access this window using one of the following methods:

The Edit Distribution button is available only if the invoice line was added using the Create G/L Distribution button, the Create G/L Expense Distribution button, or if the invoice was created on the fly in Manual Check and Payment Entry. The Create G/L Expense Distribution button is available only if the Enable Expense Distribution Tables check box is selected in Accounts Payable Options. The Create G/L Expense Distribution button is not available when recalling an existing invoice or voiding a check.


Use General Ledger Distribution to distribute the invoice amount to the appropriate general ledger accounts.

If the Fixed Assets module is integrated with Accounts Payable and you have the appropriate security set up, assets can be created in Sage Fixed Assets based on the invoice lines entered in Manual Check and Payment Entry and the asset template selected in this window.

Assets are not created for lines with negative amounts and non-invoice lines such as prepayments, adjustments, returns, credit memos, and transfers. If an asset account is used for an adjustment, or if an asset is created for an invoice that is later adjusted, the asset values must be adjusted manually in Sage Fixed Assets.

NoteSage Fixed Assets refers to the fixed assets product used with Sage 100.



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