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Write a Manual Check

Pay Retention Balance with Job Cost Distribution

Void a Nonissued Check

Enter a Partial Payment with Job Cost Distribution

Reverse a Check

Recalculate Sales Tax on an Accounts Payable Invoice

Apply a Credit Memo to an Invoice

Record a Purchase Paid by Credit Card

Quick Print a Check

Record the Payment of an Outstanding Invoice by Credit Card

Record and Apply Prepayments

Combine Invoices for the Credit Card Vendor into One Invoice

Record a Wire Transfer

Reverse an Electronic Payment

Reverse a Wire Transfer




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Select Accounts Payable Main menu > Manual Check and Payment Entry.


Use Manual Check and Payment Entry to enter information from handwritten checks, wire transfers, invoices, and general ledger distribution information. You can write a check or process a wire transfer for a payables transaction (for example, COD shipment or petty cash) using this task. You can also enter check information to quick print a manual check and record the reversal of an electronic payment.

If the Fixed Assets module is integrated with Accounts Payable and you have the appropriate security set up, you can select the asset account and template using General Ledger Distribution to create assets in Sage Fixed Assets based on the manual check entry invoice lines.

Reversing an electronic payment will not write a record to the ACH file. If you reverse an electronic payment, you must contact the bank directly to stop or reverse the vendor payment.

NoteSage Fixed Assets refers to the fixed assets product used with Sage 100.



Bank Code

Check No.

Batch No.

Cash Account

Payment Type




1. Header


Check/Payment/Transfer Date

Vendor Name

Check/Payment/Transfer Amount


Vendor No.

Wire Transfer No.



2. Lines


Grid Button Bar

Discount Date

Quick Row

1099 Form

Line Number

1099 Box

Invoice No.


Invoice Date

G/L Distribution

Invoice Amt

Tax Schedule

Discount Amt

Tax Class

Exp Dist Table

Tax Amt


Use Tax

Due Date

Exp Dist Desc