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Access this task using one of the following methods:

This window is available only if the Forms check box is selected in Paperless Office Options. From Vendor Maintenance, this window is also available only if one or more vendor forms are set up in Paperless Office Form Maintenance.


Use Vendor Viewer to view, e-mail, fax, move, or delete vendor-related PDF documents. Vendor Viewer displays vendor forms such as checks, purchase orders, and return orders. When this task is accessed from the Paperless Office menu, you can view documents for vendors in any company. You can filter the PDF documents displayed by form type and document date, or search for a PDF document using additional criteria.

Note In Paperless Office Options, you can specify whether to automatically display all documents in Vendor Viewer when it is first accessed. If you do not specify to load all documents when the viewer is first accessed, documents are loaded only after you enter selection criteria and click Refresh.



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