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Select Accounts Payable Setup menu > Expense Distribution Table Maintenance.  

Note This task is available only if the Enable Expense Distribution Tables check box is selected in Accounts Payable Options.


Use Expense Distribution Table Maintenance to set up tables with general ledger accounts and distribution percentages. The tables can then be selected in Invoice Data Entry, Repetitive Invoice Entry, and Manual Check and Payment Entry to distribute invoice balances and payments to the selected accounts based on the percentages in the tables. A table can be selected for any invoice with no existing lines in Invoice Data Entry and Repetitive Invoice Entry and when entering a new invoice in Manual Check and Payment Entry.

You can enter a default expense distribution table for a vendor in Vendor Maintenance. The default table is automatically selected for the vendor in data entry tasks, but it can be changed.

Note If you do not select an expense distribution table in the data entry tasks, the default account set up for the vendor in Vendor Maintenance is used, but it can be changed.

If the Allow Total Distribution to be Less Than 100 Percent check box is selected in Accounts Payable Options, you can enter accounts with a total distribution percentage less than 100 percent, and then manually distribute the remaining balance in the data entry task. Also, you can set up tables with accounts and no distribution percentages, and the entire balance can be manually distributed. The total distribution percentage cannot exceed 100 percent.



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