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Select Accounts Payable Period End menu > AP from AR Clearing Register.


Use the AP from AR Clearing Register as an audit report to check the accuracy of selected Accounts Receivable invoices before they are cleared to Accounts Payable.

The Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable general ledger accounts are posted with a debit or credit, based on the balances being cleared. Expenses are not debited or credited during the clearing.

Information on this register includes the register number, customer/vendor name and number, invoice number, amount to apply, discount date, discount amount, invoice balance, amount credited to Accounts Receivable, and amount debited to Accounts Payable. The amount to apply, the discount amount, the credit to Accounts Receivable, and the debit to Accounts Payable amounts are totaled for each clearing entry.

Warning Back up all data in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable before printing the register.

After the update, the customer has a clearing payment for individual invoices and the vendor has either a debit or credit invoice posted to the account balance. Accounts Payable invoices do not have individual invoice postings. The debit or credit invoice that is posted to Accounts Payable can be processed like invoices entered using Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry. This invoice can be paid or applied to another invoice during manual payment entry by using General Ledger Distribution.

Review the register for accuracy. If there are errors, make the necessary changes using AP from AR Clearing Selection, and reprint the register.

You must set up customers in Accounts Receivable before using this task.



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